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Computer basics are taught to children to make them

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Chinese Pilot Training Chinese Pilot Training April 12, 2013 | Author: Nate Budd | Posted in Education
The Sunrise Aviation Director of Training, Patrick Murphy, and recently visited China for two weeks. While he was there, he made presentations at two different high schools for the 1,200 students getting ready to graduate. Sunrise Aviation’s sister school, Shanghai EasyFly Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., sponsored the trip.

Presentations in Guangdong Bowen International School in Zhongshan and Sino-Canada High School near Shanghai were carried out when the delegation went to China. Presentation at Zhuhai No. 3 Middle School will be made later, which was also visited by the delegation.

Sunrise Aviation and Shanghai EasyFly have created a cutting edge flight school program for Chinese Pilots. It is a 4 year program created for Chinese high school graduates that will include, lessons in English, a 4-year bachelors degree, all of the pilot ratings, and an internship in which they will be a flight instructor. These Chinese students will be attending Florida State College in Jacksonville. At Florida State College at Jacksonville where they operate a distant base for training pilots, Sunrise Aviation is the flight exclusive training vendor.

Students from China now has the opportunity to study in the US since the Florida State College situated at Jacksonville has entered into a mutual agreement with Shanghai Easyfly to train students sponsored by it.

In the beginning of January 2013, the first 3 Chinese flight school students will arrive in Jacksonville, Florida. On their Ormond Beach Cheap Jerseys , Florida main base, Sunrise Aviation already has 3 Chinese students attending pilot training classes.

Shanghai EasyFly Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Shanghai but also has offices in Guangdong, Shanxi, and Shandong. Shanghai EasyFly places their students in training pilot programs in the US, and handles the selection of the students as well as the preparation of their students before arriving in the US. Upon return to China, EasyFly helps their students get their Pilot certificate and helps them find jobs in China as pilots.

Since 1983, Sunrise Aviation has had it’s doors open in Florida. They own over 50 aircraft used for flight instruction and aircraft rental. A sister company does charter flights in a Piper Chieftain and King Air B100. Students from around the world come to Sunrise Aviation to complete their pilot training. Besides China, recent students have arrived from Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Bahamas, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and India. Sunrise Aviation is approved as a Pilot School by the Federal Aviation Administration and approved to accept foreign students by the US Department of Homeland Security.

For more aviation college information, visit flycecil

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