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If my understanding of ArchiCAD operations is correct, during most 2D operation such as showing trace references, panning, zooming etc ArchiCAD can only use 1 cpu core (being specific not one physical CPU core but one logical processor. Why? I cannot understand it - for us (12+ staff) we waste huge amounts of time waiting for 2D redraw, just navigating around, and the very worst scenario is having something set as a trace reference which we do alot of to ensure the building is coordinated. We recently upgraded 2 machines and in my opinion spent a ridiculous amount of money on hardware (see signature) in an attempt to cure this issue and frankly it is almost no different at all. I can only think this is because the software was not designed to use all of the hardware available to it. What is the technical reason that in 2016 the operation of the software is restricted to use 3-ish Ghz of processing power when there is (on my machine) potentially 40Ghz+ sat idle? For such expensive software, sat on such an expensive computer - we are mighty disappointed. Particularly now that we have AC20 and have constant bizarre 'overwatchserver.exe' crashes and still no fix.I would dearly like an explanation and please don't be afraid to give us a proper technical answer on why the software can't use more than one core. I hope to learn that this is something that is in development for AC21 because frankly the ££ we waste across an entire room sat waiting for ArchiCAD can only go on so long.

Please help

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https://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/vi ... hp?t=53663
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