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FFXIV: As A Tank Or Healer To Speed Up

Мнениеот ff14gil | Вто Май 15, 2018 9:36 am

If you have a i347 BLM and you need poetics for anima quests, so you need mopre than 2k. If you've got an hour, run MSQ roulette. yes unskippable cutscenes are annoying, but praetorium with a new player bonus is 500 poetics. the worst you're going to do is castrum meridianum without a new person at 300 poetics in about a half hour, which for the time spent once a day isn't horrible all things considered. not worth it really if queueing as a DPS, but as a tank or healer to speed up that queue time it's pretty good.

Do your alliance raid roulette daily, make sure you've got an ilvl lower than 305 so you don't get rabanastre as that doesn't give poetics, but on a raid roulette with a new person you're getting 250 poetics. We have had a lot of fun with FFXIV and that is why offering you a place to buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil at a low price is something we love to do.

Trial spam on a tank/healer. chrysalis, hard mode primals, the triad from HW, and a bunch of others all give a bunch, are usually relatively quick, and almost always have a new person if you're queueing them directly instead of PFing them.

Speaking of PF, watch your party finder for new player bonuses on raids and trials. coils, alex normal, and basically any pre-HW extreme trial commonly pops up in PF for various clears or other parties, and are worth a good chunk per clear. this is probably the best one to do if you want to do DPS to gain the poetics.

If all of that falls through, hard queue aetherochemical research facility. it's worth 150 without a bonus, will commonly have a bonus, and shouldn't be a terribly long wait with a tank/healer. past that, any of the end of expansion dungeons (keeper of the lake, wanderer's palace hard, amdapor keep hard, baelsar's wall, sohm al hard) or the non-rabanastre alliance raids will be worth 100 poetics without a new person or 150 with.

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