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Music Server for classical music?

Мнениеот crowek | Вто Юни 05, 2018 2:59 pm


I have a largish, disorganized, and not very well tagged pile of Classical music (and some video as well - concerts and Opera). Organizing my Plex library for movies/shows was very satisfying - now I want to tackle music. The library spans from Early Renaissance to Classical, and I have solo, vocal, chamber, and orchestral music, etc. Many CDs are compilations (as is typical for Early music). A lot of recordings of Hesperion (Jordi Savall and company).
I Want:
1) Help organizing/tagging. Support for extended tags (composer, multiple performers, work/movement, etc) is big requirement.
2) Ability to track PDFs (or multiple jpgs/pngs/etc) of the booklets - most of my CDs have good booklets.
3) Good DLNA/transcoding support for streaming to mobile devices, and share library with family and possibly friends (parents live nearby, they have a good library, too).
4) The server ecosystem needs to be vibrant and under development. I don't want to invest time into building a library around a dead-end system, so that pretty much rules out LMS.
5) a web view - similar to Plex, Emby, MusicBee, for remote management and navigation. Separation into users would be good too, even if only "admin" vs "user" logins to protect the library against oops-es.
6) That it be secure enough to consider making the server web-facing, and not require VPN for access. Plex is good in this regard, but the music library functionality is terrible.My server is NOT my HTPC - I actually don't have a HTPC (yet), so I'm specifically NOT looking for a HTPC/media center/playback setup, but a headless music server to host a coherent and navigable music library.
I'm not afraid of copying/pasting and modifying someone else's scripts to tweak stuff if needed. Setting up a DB server, etc if needed is also not out of the realm. I run an ESXi server and FreeNas at home - I can spin up a VM or a Docker if I need to. I can understand some code, but am not a programmer, and I definitely don't want to be stuck babysitting server software and tweaking scripts after every update, either. Some time investment up front is OK. Babysitting and fixing all the time, not OK.From what I can tell, my options are pretty much JRiver or MusicBee. Anyone else here who can chime in with suggestions before I go down rabbit holes into potential dead-ends? Any suggestions? Rakes to avoid stepping on? My initial stabs at doing this with MediaMonkey were failures for various reasons - poor auto-tagging, it's not really a client/web - server solution, etc.

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Re: Music Server for classical music?

Мнениеот jiranan78900 | Пон Сеп 10, 2018 4:38 pm

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