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How to match the husky diet
If you feed husky puppy with milk, it will appear diarrhea and vomiting, the severe cases may result in the death of a dewatering. If you have to feed the puppy with fresh milk,air max blanche femme, it is best to use special dog milk. If you really can't buy it, let the small puppies eat rice cereal with a small amount of baby milk powder, in the beginning,air max 2015 homme, give a little to the puppies,air max grise, then you further increase the amount of milk powder after puppies gradually adapt to. In fact, after weaning puppies,air max rouge et noir, if the collocation is reasonable, you do not need to feed puppies milk powder.
So,nike air max 1 noir, the friends who love husky puppies must notice: because the husky is very small, you worried it inadequate nutrition and feed it to the milk, it's not safe. In order to the health of Husky, please match the diet reasonable. Don't feed the husky with these food:
1. The salt food can't feed to the dogs, such as dry salted fish, fish and shrimp dry and ham, bacon and salt high food.
2. The food contents too much Mustard and chili, which can cause oral ulcer,air max 2016 femme, stomach and canker ulcer, can't feed the dog.
3. Onions are absolutely not fed the dog. The dog's blood has strong toxicity if there are onions in it; dogs eat more cause acute anemia, and even life-threatening. Western food use of onions dishes, some in the hamburger with onion, although its quantity is little, also it will have a big impact for the small dog.
4. The poultry bone is small and hard,nike air max homme, such as chicken, ducks, and gooses and so on, the puppy can't chew. The bone of pig and ox is easier to be chew for dog's teeth. Dog eats the poultry bone, sometimes comes to the throat or stabbed in the stomach, causing dogs lost their lives. So if you feed dog with chicken, duck, goose, you are sure to eliminate the bones.
5. Frozen milk, ice cream and other dairy products also can't be fed to dogs; especially it has the biggest influence in the immature puppies. Usually a few mouth cold milk can cause the puppy diarrhea, if you do that for a long time, it will form the habitual diarrhea, lead to the dog weakness; also protect the puppies to grow.
In fact, even heating of milk and other dairy products also can be fed only a small amount to dog, the dog's intestines and stomach can't adapt to such food.

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