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the main points

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Doors and doors of the installation of the main points before installation Check the doors and windows of the model, specifications, quality is satisfactory, if found, should be repaired or replaced in advance. Before installation, first set the height of the doors and windows, width and width, and then draw the corresponding fan side of the width of the narrow line, double doors to be tipped (except the free door), first draw in the middle of the middle line.wall panel designs for balcony
Out of the line, and to ensure that the width of the same tes, the upper and lower impulses to draw lines straight planing high and low, wide and narrow line, with rough planing to smooth and straight, to meet the design requirements. Door and window to install the width of the stay, should meet the relevant standards. Wooden doors and windows of the installation of small hardware points or have been filling the Department of Wood Festival, are not allowed to install hardware.outdoor pine tongue in groove flooring
The door lock should not be installed in the middle of the combination of the edge and the stalks, to prevent injury tenon. The upper and lower dowel to be installed in the middle of the width of the tread, such as the use of dark latches, should be in the outer stakes on the mouth after the mouth of the plug before the installation of the sill of the pre-sash is the window frame to the wall before the first fan Window frame, easy to operate, improve work efficiency.Anti Uv Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel
The operation points are as follows: according to the requirements of the drawings, check the specifications of various windows, quality, such as the discovery of problems, should be trimmed. According to the requirements of the drawings, the window frame into the support of the temporary wooden frame (equal to the window hole) within the adjustment, with wooden pull or wooden wedge window frame solid, and then install the sash. The use of external wall panels to promote the construction, you can also sash sunglasses at the same time installed. The installation of technical points and site installation requirements are consistent with the requirements. Install the window frame, fan, plug the plug should be inserted, the wind hook with a small round nail temporarily fixed, the small round nail drop. And in the horizontal plane plus nails, stacking pad to prevent deformation. Has a good hardware window frame, the base oil and the first paint brush to prevent wet deformation.country classic artifical plank

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