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Good luck! Parker reveals Evans' big gun.

Мнениеот jiranan78900 | Нед Май 27, 2018 12:46 pm

Good luck! Parker reveals Evans' big gun.


sbobet ทาง เข้าWest Brom have revealed that Arsenal have
bought the quarterback with a price
that is not close to what the agency expected it.
Alan Parker, manager of West Bromwich Albion, revealed that
Arsenal. Not willing to bid for Jonny Evans as the club expect. Can not close negotiations on the final day of the kick.
The Gunners are keen to grab the former Manchester United support
ers and open talks on the final day of the transfer market. sbobet ทาง เข้า
I can not agree on the deadline. The 56-year-old coach explained
that the reason is because the Arsenal offer is not close to what the club expect.
"It's not going to be a warning to the club like Arsenal,"
Park said. "I'm sitting here every week to say there's sbobet ทาง เข้า
no point in making a final offer. Unless the offer will make us fall chair.
"But it's not close to that. They get the kind of response they
should expect from such a ฟproposal. Jonny is a key player.
It is a great player. And part of the core of the team "

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